March 18, 2007

when al-Ghatam speaks

When one of Al-Ghatams speaks, we got to listen. And if he happens to be Dr. Mohammed Bin Jassim Al-Ghatam, we are sure to have the fully-blooded royal mind trickling down the royally half-blooded wits. Here is his bespoken thought in today’s Akhbar Alkhaleej on the lone positive development of the last decade:

" الملمح الثالث: الاتجاه نحو الصفح والعفو عمن أساء في الماضي من خلال سياسة إطلاق سراح المعتقلين السياسيين، والعفو عن المبعدين، والسماح لهم بالعودة إلى الوطن وإتاحة فرص العمل والسكن لهم".


In a country where Al-Ghatam is aristocracy and Fleifel is a full fledged dignitary, it sure feels right to walk about as a man on probationary discharge, permitted to seek their trickled work and shelter “opportunities”.