June 13, 2007

Samarra, or losing your right to Al-Aqsa

Another day, another heroic act by victorious Sunni Supremacists in Iraq, to the delight of friends and sympathizers everywhere. A high and holy symbol of abominable Shia polytheism has been razed to the ground. A far holier act, on a far holier front, than razing 100 world trade centres anywhere, twin-towered or otherwise.

Their joy must have multiplied by seeing and reading the reactions of the Shia leadership. A flurry of condemnatory statements followed by a call to a demonstration or two. There is no happier coincidence than incompetent impotence properly veiled in the garb of the politically responsible.

Their joy must have reached a climax by the bombing only few hours later in Beirut. Publicity-shy, they can’t believe their luck of June 13th as their historic act became yesterday’s news in a flash. Al-Manar no less pushed the Samarra bombing to minute 17 in their prime time newscast.

But there is a far happier lot with wider smiling eyes than our Sunni Supremacists brothers: our Jewish Supremacists cousins. If the former, on whatever ground, can get away with demolishing the holiest of the holy for others amid the cheer or silence of most, so can the latter. Their road towards Al-Al-Aqsa has never been more saintly and righteously paved.


At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the almost mandatory retaliation and the blowing up of a few Sunny Moques it is now acceptable for warring parties to blow up each others religious monuments.

So, who is going to be the first to drop a bomb on the little black cube?


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