September 16, 2006

needless tragedy

It is the kind of heart wrenching morning news that hard wrench your day. Seven women were killed and two men and two children are fighting for their life, all from one Bahraini family, as a result of a road accident near the Kuwaiti-Saudi border.

I can’t think of a more gratuitous, needless death than one in a car accident. It is often man/system made, and it is often man/system preventable.

Tragedies on that highway have been many, with this island sadly having its fair share of fatalities. These precious lives could have been with us today if only this silliest richest region of the world had stopped its silliness for a brief while to invest in a safe land connection in the form of a railway.

Our hearts go out to the surviving father, a retired man and a frequent guest writer in the press, in this inconsolable tragedy.


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