July 14, 2006

peace of the slaves

If good and bad movies can get a sequel, why not unfinished wars. If “Pirates of the Caribbean” has a sequel, why not release pilots over the Middle East. If the United States of America can revisit Desert Storm, why can’t the Chosen State of Israel make a repeat of Beirut 1982?

It is not out of total volition of course. The Chosen State has to resort sometimes to painful options in order to fully protect the Chosen People. God and America would approve, and Europe won’t mind, so who else matters? Why not receive the demolishing engineers' shopping list, and let the aspiring evening edition of a Sharon pick and choose the ones which best suit his psychological profile before passing it to the pilots who will, once again turn the famed Arab nights into broad daylight.

It is not that Arab civilian lives don’t matter. They do. Just like the Iraqi Dinar and the Lebanese Pound, they carry a certain value, but you need to use the proper nonofficial foreign exchange rate. To arrive at that, you may need to know the balance of firepower, before calling for help from a very busy international community. Which cares about lives of people to the left of the decimal point. That may be unfair, but that's always been a European thing.

A busy international community doesn’t mean it has no time for proper manners and good taste. So proper calls for restrain and avoiding severe damage to infrastructure are in order. They go well with wine and the spirit of next Davus conference. A place of guaranteed calm, electricity, water and bridges.

Until then, affected parties, chief among them Arab engineers, are strongly advised to do something to shield their hard built infrastructure from impending doom at the receiving end of infrared technologies. They are strongly urged to apply now for an ISO certification. To fill the forms necessary for an Israel Security Offer, the applicant has to warrant that the installation in question is in a jurisdiction of good and neighborly relation with the Chosen State, or striving to have one. Fortunately, most of Arab lands are in this compliant and domesticated category. There are two exceptions, for which work is in progress to bring them to the obedient, servile fold.

In a matter of few decades, or several ones, history will tell about a people who came from the depth of the holocaust to the height of arrogance of power, only to match similar Nazi disregard for the life and dignity of the other. As well as its fate.

Or, just like in movies, the sequel may harbour surprises of its own.


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