September 13, 2005

national treasures

An item in today's Al-Ayam caused me great concern. A source told a journalist that a ministerial reshuffle was in the offing, and this time it will involve no less than our historic Foreign Minister.

At issue is the place and ranking of this country in the record books of the world. At a time when every nation is competing for an entry into immortality, our hard won honours are being squandered.

His Excellency the Foreign Minister is already in the top league of the longest serving foreign ministers of the world. On the job even before independence, he was FM in 1970 when William Rogers was the U.S. Secretary of State, and 12 secretaries of state later, he is still there as the Bahraini counterpart to Condi Rice. He certainly broke the record of Andrei Gromyko who served as the soviet FM for 28 years. And now that he was on his way to unseat Sabah Al-Ahmad of Kuwait (FM fom 1963-2003) as the longest serving FM of the world, he is being cut short. What a shame.

An historic achievement is about to slip from the nation's hands. Can you imagine what are the odds of any country in the world beating our record if we were let to reach it? We already have let go of the world's longest serving Minister of the Interior (1971-2004). Maybe we just have to take comfort and solace in the enduring stability of having the longest serving PM of the world (1966- and counting).


At 1:48 AM, Anonymous chanad said...

It is indeed very sad. But there is a silver lining to this grey cloud. We have no indications to suggest that the new FM won't be able to retain his position for just as long, or even longer. Let's hope he can do us all proud and put the Bahrain's name in the record books.

At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Bahraini citizen, I feel very sad realizing the situation that we are losing our world-class record to our neighbor in that record.

I myself will practice my institutional right and go out to protest against that unfair change (if happened) & I will go to the press and criticize that decision (again using my institutional right). If all of that didn’t' change anything I shall arrange for a forum in Al-oruba club (after taking GOYS approval of course), to ask for a public strike against a decision that will cost us a spot in the world nations history


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