December 25, 2005

that time of the year

Christmas is here. And with it comes this annual tinge of a southernist envy of Christmas at our neighbours' to the north.

For Christmas in northern lands is a celebration by relatively free citizens, who lead their lives in relative peace with their public managers, in harmony with their private religious choice, in safety and relative immunity from the nearest police station, the farthest airbase (or airplane carrier) or any foreign invasion or covert action to install the corrup or the corruptible, and who enjoy the fruits of a relatively blissful economy and a civilly urbanized environment.

And it is a celebration of a narrative that walked on earth but managed to keep a redemptively inspiring essence, despite the vicissitudes of times, kings, church and scholarship. Though we have to concede that scholarship in this case was more sympathetic –yet very rigorous- than in the case of other religious traditions.

But it is the lights, sounds and colours of the celebratory acts itself that is the most endearing about it, a testimony to a human and earthy success in creating a uniquely festive experience, capable of stirring the imagination of the young and a warm spark of splendour even for the old.

A blessed Prophet Jesus Birthday for co-religionists, and -for whoever stumbles here due to a tricky search engine- a Merry Christmas in health and peace.


At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

How very eloquent, as usual. Thank you my friend, the same to you and yours as well.

At 10:28 PM, Blogger MR said...

It's been your support, Mahmood, that is elequent, indispensible. Have a good one in bliss and peace.


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