November 26, 2005

trust your shepherdess

Praise, all praise, be to Authority, the splendid, the all controlling, the high. May her arm of reach extend, and may her shadow on all expand and last. This most recent act of goodness and mercy by her could not have come at a more opportune time.

Just when you were taken by trepidation of an impending new ice age, of being left to the cold abyss and lonely torment of indifference. Just when you thought you became insignificant, hardly noticed, barley recognized, scarcely cared about, now that she obtained what she sought from you. Just when you thought you can exhaust all the talk, all the walk and sit-ins, but all would fall on two ears of clay and dough. Just when you thought that yours is a message lost in the isle of -soon to be- 9 daily newspapers, a universe of 9 million blogs and 9 billions web pages. Just when you were about to conclude that you can scream your soul out from here to the four corners of earth for her to come back and honour the pledges she made to you, yet not a lovely hair of her would be moved.

Suddenly, just as you are languishing in bleak despair, there reaches a caring hand, patting on your desk and lap. Without a hint of a door knock, she whisked herself into your room to shut all windows and pull down all curtains, and lock it up on you. Sitting there, in all her radiance and disrobed beauty, she tells you in her captivating way that your access to views, sights and sites distracting from her will be without. She is, you know, the most jealous of ladies. She rather breaks you a leg or arm or lock you up in solo recluse, rather than surrender to others a sliver of share in you, whether by way of chat, whisper or a flirtatious strike of a typepad. She wants your undivided love, adoration and loyalty. There, it dawns on you how passionate about you she still is. She had not forsaken you for a moment, she had all along cared to know and kept track of all what you had to say, in gist or gag. You remained her significant other, the centre of her attention, and nothing would change that. Out of frigid foreboding blue, passion suddenly rekindles. Who said those passionately dueling years have left? She is back.


At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope not. We have had enough of strife, dead love and and over-zealous passion. We now need to compose reason and determine the better nature of the human spirit, yet would the other pole come to attract or continue to repel?

At 8:48 AM, Blogger The Joker said...

AMEN! Praise Her!


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